Get the Look: Marie Ferro Shares Dimensional Copper-Gold Formula

We showcased this gorgeous look by Marie Ferro, owner of Marie’s Hair Studio in Malibu, CA, in our October issue. Here, she shares the Goldwell formula for achieving the dimensional copper-gold hue:

1. Pre-lighten the hair starting 1 inch from the scalp using Goldwell SilkLift Gentle with back-to-back foils.

2. For the base color, combine 15 milliliters 7KG, 15 milliliters 7OR, 5 milliliters 7RO, 10 milliliters KKmix and 45 milliliters 20-volume Topchic Lotion.

3. For the lowlights (under the parietal to the top of the ear and under the occipital), use 20 milliliters 5GB mixed with 10 milliliters KKmix and 30 milliliters 10-volume Topchic Lotion.

4. For the highlights (from the front of the hairline to the top of the parietal ridges to top of occipital) use a mix of 20 milliliters 9KG, 10 milliliters 8OR and 30 milliliters 40-volume Topchic Lotion (alternating with the base color).

5. Finally, tone with 20 milliliters 9KG mixed with 5 milliliters 7KG and 50 milliliters Colorance Lotion and glaze with Elumen [email protected]  

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