Get the Look: Pan Am Hairdresser Chris Clark Shares How to Style Colette's Bob

In our March 2012 issue's "Stargazing" column, Pan Am Department Head of Hair Chris Clark gives us the inside scoop on what goes into getting the glamorous stars of the hit show camera-ready. Here, he shares how to style Colette Valois' (played by Karine Varnasse) signature bob:

1. Place a dollop of smoothing cream into your hands and run evenly through the wet hair that's been freshly washed and conditioned. Comb though to make sure the product is evenly dispersed.

2. Start the blow-dry at the nape of the neck, using a small round brush. (I used the H2PRO 2500 ultra light hair dryer.) When working though each section make sure you hit the cool button on the dryer when the hair is around the brush the last time to help maintain the shape. As you work your way to the crown switch to a medium-sized round brush. Every section will be blown down and under for a bouncy yet tailored shape.

3. Once the hair is fully dry, go over the top layers with a flat iron, (I use the H2PRO Black Onyx Styling iron), making sure to bend the ends under. This will smooth any flyaways and really set the style for a 12-hour shooting day.

4. Finally, set the crown of the head with large Velcro rollers. This will add volume and memory to the hair. The rollers should be taken out just before the camera rolls.