Get the Look: Tracey Cunningham Shares Redken Chromatics Formulas for Three Hot Celebs

In our May issue, celebrity colorist and Redken Creative Consultant for Color Tracey Cunningham  talked about spring and summer haircolor trends. Here, she shares the formulas for three of her current celebrity favorites—Minka Kelly, Kate Bosworth and Bryce Dallas Howard—using the new ammonia-free Redken Chromatics permanent color.

Minka Kelly

Brunette—Minka Kelly (Natural Level 3, Dark Brown)

“My clients are still loving Redken’s Illumination technique—darker roots with lighter ends," Cunningham says. "So many of my clients bring in photos of Minka Kelly for their hair inspiration.  She has such a pretty warm golden brown color that looks fantastic with her complexion. As the weather warms up, even brunettes like to brighten up their color for summer.”

Redken Chromatics Formula

Apply all over:
2 oz.  Chromatics 4Gm (4.35)
2 oz.  10 vol. Oil in Cream Developer
Highlight with Blonde Icing Power Lift mixed with 30 vol. Blonde Icing Developer in a 1:1 ratio
Glaze with SEQ Cream 09Wn Summer Wheat

Kate Bosworth

Blonde—Kate Bosworth (Natural Level 7, Medium Blonde)

“Blondes are not just for L.A. anymore," Cunningham says. "Whether I take clients to platinum blonde like Kate Bosworth or a darker blonde like Molly Sims, they’re destined to be on-trend. The blonder the better but still keeping the look natural is key.” Redken Chromatics Formula Decolorize with Blonde Icing Ammonia-free mixed with 30 vol. Blonde Icing
Developer in a 1:2 ratio.
Glaze with Shades EQ Cream 09Na Slate Blonde  

Bryce Dallas Howard

Redhead—Bryce Dallas Howard (Natural Level 4, Medium Brown)

“Bryce Dallas Howard is definitely the most requested color for my redhead clients," Cunningham says. "No messing around here—deep, strong and vibrant reds are here to stay!” Apply all over: 1 oz. Chromatics 4Rr (4.66)
1 oz. Chromatics 6Rr (6.66)
2 oz. 20 vol. Oil in Cream Developer
Glaze with SEQ Cream 06Rr  Polished Ruby

Photo credits: Wireimage (Bryce Dallas Howard and Kate Bosworth); Getty Images (Minka Kelly)

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