Get the Look: Zoeey Deschanel for Glamour's February Cover

For Glamour magazine’s February 2013 cover, hairstylist Roque relied on Oribe Hair Care to create Zooey Deschanel’s updated 1950s rodeo girl look. “It’s great to take retro inspiration and modernize it through the use of individualized textures and shapes that are current and flattering,” he said.

To get the look, first prep wet hair with Volumista Mist for Volume and blow-dry with a 2-inch round brush into 2-inch Velcro rollers. The majority of the sections should be rolled away from the face, with bangs blown straight down into a roller and the face-framing side sections blown down into the roller at a 45-degree angle.

After the hair is in rollers, spray with Superfine to set the curls, and remove the rollers once the hair has cooled. After teasing the hair section by section, spray the hair shaft with Impermeable to create big, bouncy curls throughout the head and a retro ’50s-style shape at the crown. Secure a loose half ponytail with a clip. Finally, detail select pieces with Supershine for moisture and luster and Rough Luxury to maintain texture and dimension.

Credit: Ellen von Unwerth

Credit: Ellen von Unwerth


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