#GETSMASHED: New COLORSMASH Color Kissed Hairspray

Imagine getting the beautiful, rich look of permanent hair color without the commitment or damage. Now that’s possible, thanks to Condition Culture and KIK Custom Products, which have teamed up to develop COLORSMASH Color Kissed Hairspray. This temporary spray-on hair color provides a translucent, vibrant touch of violet, pink or indigo that stays on the hair throughout the day, yet washes out easily in one to three shampoos. After use, the hair remains healthy, nourished and lustrous. 

COLORSMASH Color Kissed Hairspray delivers color uniformly in a nutrient-rich dye that adds color and gloss with zero damage. The color envelops the hair evenly but does not penetrate the cuticle. Aloe vera plus extracts of grape seed, avocado, quinoa, pot marigold and sunflower seed leave the hair luminous, touchable and soft with a light hold. The formula is paraben- and gluten-free.

Continuing the innovation, COLORSMASH is free of iron oxides—a staple in most temporary hair color sprays. Iron oxides dry out the hair, leaving it feeling heavy, rough, unmanageable and weighed down with a matte finish. Plus, iron-oxide-based colors transfer easily to hands and clothing, so they’re gone by the end of the day. Thanks to COLORSMASH’s innovative iron-oxide-free formula, the color does not transfer to hands or clothes. Plus, the color rinses out of the hair in one to three shampoos and washes off hands easily with soap and water.


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“The launch of COLORSMASH represents one of the proudest moments for Condition Culture, as we’ve worked diligently and persistently to develop a product that the global community has never seen before,” says Donya Litowitz, CEO.

Hair stylists can get creative with the beautiful colors in the salon and retail COLORSMASH to their clients, so they can enjoy creative color play at home. COLORSMASH Color Kissed Hairspray is available in a 3.7-oz. can/MSRP $20.00 and a 1.5-oz. can/MSRP $10.00. It’s available at professional salons and beauty supply stores and on colorsmash.com. Find us on social media at @COLORSMASHHAIR. #GETSMASHED

About: Established in 2010, Condition Culture inspires people globally by innovating and developing the highest quality products that enhance confidence and freedom of expression. As the originators of Featherlocks feather hair extensions and COLORSMASH Hair Shadow, CEO Donya Litowitz and her team have created a subsidiary, Healthy Dyeit, to manage the COLORSMASH Color Kissed Hairspray project and further pioneer with the experts at KIK Custom Products. This strategic partnership brings manufacturing expertise and scale in wet products and aerosols for the further development of more innovative products that will rock the beauty industry. Visit colorsmash.com. The Culture of Beautiful is accessible to all.