Getting the Picture

Hairstylist Ken Picton and his award-winning artistic team know that, for great art and great hair, the beauty is in the details.

Ken Picton, owner of an eponymous salon in Wales, knows it takes more than good hair alone to create a striking image. For his latest collection, Art Worx—a collaboration with his artistic team presented at the 2013 British Hairdressing Awards—hair was cut with razors for shape and enhanced texture to explore how color and texture affect the tone of a photograph. “The goal was for each image to look as though it’s a piece of art that could stand alone and look great on any wall,” Picton says. —Stephanie Zucker

photography: Andrew O’Toole; Hairstyling: Ken Picton artistic team; Makeup: Clare Read; Fashion Styling: Emily Frazer-Mann


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IMAGE ABOVE: Ken Picton and his artistic team curled hair with large-barrel tongs to create soft movement. Then, they gave the delicate look a bit of edge and definition around the face by cutting a short, chunky fringe.

IMAGE ABOVE: To create this short, graduated cut, the team sliced through the top section of the hair and left the front a bit longer to add texture. They then added a subtle undertone of color through the fringe to enhance definition.

IMAGE ABOVE: Picton and his team shaped this boxy, textured bob using a blade to create a chunky look, and cut a soft, shattered fringe to enhance the shape. Red and blonde pieces were added at the sides for contrast and a change of mood.