GKhair Launches Product Lines in Dubai and Vietnam

GKhair recently celebrated the launch of new products and salon services in Dubai and Vietnam. In November, Van Tibolli, CEO and founder of GKhair, hosted VIP guests at the Pullman Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Salon owners and stylists attended to celebrate the launch of GKhair with traditional live Vietnamese dancers, and renowned songs from celebrity singer Minh Quan of Vietnam, followed by haircutting and styling applications of GKhair’s The Best Juvexin treatment.

The mainstage showcased Southern Californian haircuts by Brain McCombs and precision cutting by Thien An’s director of education Mr. Hung, using GKhair styling products infused with Juvexin, a keratin anti-aging protein blend to shape and finish the hairstyles.


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In Dubai, GKhair chose the 61st-floor view of the world-renowned Shaik Zayed Road to introduce the product line at Grand Millennium Dubai Hotel.

The mainstage showcased a wide range of colors from platinum blonde hair to rich chocolate browns. The new color benefits hair by filling the cuticle and repairing deep into the cortex with GKhair’s patent blend of keratin anti-aging protein, Juvexin.

Misha Belfer demonstrated how quick and easy it is to achieve maximum smoothing results with GKhair’s Fast Blow Dry, a new product that can increase the service price for any regular blow dry by up to 50 percent.

Misha whipped up some of his signature Up Styles from his Collection “Miles of Hair” to show the salon professional how to introduce even more services to their clients utilizing the benefits of Juvexin in GKhair’s styling range.

The group of professional hairstylists and salon owners from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan and the Middle East watched step-by-step applications and asked questions directly to the GKhair development team from USA and UK in regard to the new services introduced during the event and how they benefit hair.

Following the show, guests gathered around an elegant cocktail to savor canapés and share their experience and views on GKhair Professional treatments, colors, trends and techniques, sharing with Van Tibolli some of their personal experiences with GKhair products in the local salons.

About GKhair: GKhair began with the vision and values of the CEO and founder Van Tibolli. From the start Van Tibolli has been an innovator in “the science of hair.” His concept is very simple; develop and create the best products by using the highest quality ingredients available in the haircare industry. GKhair’s superior haircare products are produced by extensive research and development to deliver beautiful, healthy and tamed hair. GKhair continuously invests in GKhair’s signature Hair Taming System with Juvexin, and the full line of aftercare products and styling accessories, which work hand in hand to provide the necessary tools for the salon professional and consumer to achieve ultimate satisfaction. For additional information please visit www.gkhair.com.