Go Puckless with Fuel's New Air-Pump Pomade, Putty and Paste

The days of having product stuck underneath your fingertips and slivers of hair left in a puck are over. Fuel’s revolutionary Air-Pump Pomade, Putty and Paste allow you to dispense without the mess with a simple tap to the tilt-valve nozzle that provides ultimate control.

The Air-Pump line includes a light-holding, high shine Pomade, a medium-holding, natural finish Putty, and a strong-holding, matte finish Paste. Designed to go wherever you do, all Air-Pump styling products easily fit in a gym bag or carry-on luggage.

Traditional pucks have a tendency to collect hair, dust and any other airborne material. Stylists are extremely busy behind the chair, so it makes sense that they would quickly grab for a puck and double-dip, rather than using a sanitary spatula to get the product out. Fuel’s Air-Pump styling line eliminates these issues and provides a sanitary solution for both stylists and consumers.


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“FUEL’s new Air-Pump Pomade, Putty and Paste were thoughtfully designed for stylists and consumers,” explains Richard Strom, FUEL VP of Marketing & Strategy. “This unique and easy-to-use delivery system ensures that the desired amount of product is easily dispensed exactly where you want it, reducing product waste and giving total control in a hygienic, mess-free way. Once you get it in your hands, you’ll never go back to using a puck again.”

Following suit with the rest of Fuel’s wetline products, natural extracts are included in each one of the products. Air-Pump Pomade contains aloe vera to protect against moisture loss and bamboo extract for incredible shine. Air-Pump Putty and Paste both contain green tea extract to protect against free radicals, shea butter, which is a natural conditioner, and bamboo extract to strengthen hair cuticles. 

About: Founded in 2014, FUEL is a professional beauty brand committed to power the creativity of True Stylists and their clients. Focused, real-world education and an innovative range of salon tools support True Stylists for a successful, sustainable career to meet the demands of their clientele. FUEL wet products are the Power Behind Beautiful Hair. For more information visit www.fuelhair.com