Gothic Revival

Gothic fantasy comes to life in this body of work by Toni&Guy Australia’s Cayley Norman.

Drawing inspiration from the Tim Burton aesthetic as well as Jean Paul Gaultier’s fall/winter 2013 collection at Paris Fashion Week is Dark Tales by Cayley Norman. The Toni&Guy Australia national creative technical director styled this collection of vibrant haircolors, seen exclusively on these pages, and paired them with ashen makeup and a wardrobe with a leather-meets-lace attitude so they pop in each frame. “My collection merges the eccentricity of Tim Burton’s ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ Vogue shoot with a ’90s-inspired aesthetic,” she says. “I wanted to experiment with texture and color placement, working with contrasting fringes and plenty of natural movement.” —Kristen Heinzinger



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IMAGE ABOVE -  For this purple and black hue, Cayley Norman took a 4-inch diagonal section from the ear to the fringe, followed by a square section around the crown. She colored the underneath back section deep violet damson. She then applied pre-lightener throughout the root area of the square section to create a glow, and deep violet damson to the mid-lengths and ends. Norman worked pre-lightener as a virgin application through the front section, and a grape violet conditioning gloss throughout.

IMAGE ABOVE - For these bold bangs, Norman took a triangular section from the mid-recession, and a second section to the back of the crown. She block-colored the underneath portion with butter beige medium blonde. In the crown area, she used butter beige medium blonde and pre-lightener, and in the first triangular section, used warm bisque pink. Through the fringe she relied on a root-stretch technique to add corn yellow and orange quartz.

IMAGE ABOVE - After pre-lightening the hair, Norman sectioned it into quarters, using profile and radial part lines. She used a sponging technique to apply a strawberry mink color to the roots, and a smudging technique to move the dye down the hair and to ensure there were no harsh lines between the bright pink and blonde.

IMAGE ABOVE - Calling on vibrant apple red, Norman applied the hue to the root area, added pre-lightener to large slices, and then took the red to the roots through the ends. A vibrant apple red conditioning gloss was applied before the hair was divided into four sections using a profile and radial part line. Norman created loose braids and painted them with the gloss, then reapplied soft crimson red conditioning gloss for a shiny finish.

IMAGE ABOVE - After adding a deep, woody copper all over, Norman applied a mild lightener, magenta copper and hazelnut tones for texture, and sheer copper gloss. She took a triangular section in the fringe and block-colored with a butter beige medium blonde. On a triangular section from the back of the crown, Norman applied butter beige medium blonde and pre-lightener. In the first triangular section, she added warm bisque pink, and in the second, corn yellow and orange quartz.