Guest Blog: Sam's Playlist - Pull Back Ladder Braid

Here's a simple braid called the Pull Back Ladder Braid and it takes less than 5 minutes to create! The technique is simple to grasp and the end result is really cool! Try this on your guest in the salon, a co-worker or even a friend today! Read below and watch the video to learn this braid.

Items Needed For This Technique

  • Sam Villa Texturizing Iron (adds volume and texture to your braid so it doesn't slip out during the day
  • Redken Iron Shape 11 thermal heat protectant spray (use as a heat protector before using your Textur Iron)
  • A clear hair elastic (used to secure you ponytail into place)

Step By Step Braiding Technique

  • To begin, take a slice of hair at the center section and a slice of hair right above the ear on the left and right side of the head and pull them back so all three strands meet in the center back of hte head.
  • Start a normal three strand braid; left over right, right over left. Repeat two times.
  • Now you'll begin to add hair as you braid. Take a slice of hair just below your first section just above the ear and add it to the center section.
  • Add a section of hair from the opposite side, adding hair as you braid.
  • Continue to braid and add hair to your center section from each side until you reach the middle of the neck.
  • Take the rest of the hair in your hands and create a normal three strand braid until you reach the end. Secure with a clear hair elastic.

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