Guiding Light

Opulent hues from Wella Professionals Illumina Color line steal the spotlight in a new collection seen exclusively on these pages.
Photography by ALBERT SANCHEZ

In their latest release for Wella Professionals, artists Dean Roybal, Paula Rufo and Carole Protat pay homage to silver screen goddesses like Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, whose names are synonymous with Hollywood glamour. “The idea was to use hue to put a modern spin on some of the iconic looks sported by these leading ladies,” Rufo says. To that end, the team helped hair to dress the part with rich brunette, smoky rose and auburn tones created with Wella Professionals Illumina Color. “The range encompasses 20 shades that impart incredible and natural luminous color in every light without compromising the look and feel of the hair,” Rufo adds. With awards season fast approaching, it’s time to shine!

Creative direction; Wella Professionals creative director Fabio sementilli and pedro zalba; makeup: Taylor Babaian; fashion styling: laura duncan


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Below Image: After creating this stellar red hue with Illumina Color 7/43 and 6% (20 volume), the team worked a bit of Extra Volume Styling Mouse into strands before blow-drying the hair against the root direction to develop soft volume. Using a large-barrel curling iron, they created soft waves, then gathered up the hair and pinned it under to create a faux bob. Dress: Contrarian; belt: Julia Clancey; necklace: Ben Amun

Below Image: The team fashioned a deep U-shaped parting on top, starting from the temple to below the crown. Using Wella Professionals Pearl Styler Styling Gel, the sides were then slicked back into a tight ponytail below the crown before the remaining hair was wrapped into a soft roll at the nape and the top section was teased into a 1940s-inspired roll. Stay Firm Finishing Spray held the look in place. Dress: Gustavo Cadile; jewelry: Ben Amun

Below Image: To create this rose gold blonde shade, equal parts of Illumina Color 9/60 and 10/1 were mixed with 9% (30 volume). Blondor Soft Blonde Cream 3% (10 volume) was then used to highlight dimension, followed by a toner formula composed of one part 10/36; with two parts 1.9% Color Touch Emulsion. Next, the team applied Velvet Amplifier Style Primer and Flowing Form Smoothing Balm to damp hair before blow-drying it. Shimmer Delight Shine Spray and a Louise Brooks flapper style headband finished the look. Dress: Gustavo Cadile; jewelry: Ben Amun

Below Image: The team applied Stay Brilliant Color Protecting Lotion on damp hair before blow-drying it. Next, they misted Dynamic Fix Crafting Spray on strands before setting them on hot rollers. A bit of Mirror Polish Shine Serum helped supply the perfect finish. Dress: Julia Clancey; earrings: Ben Amun

Below Image: To create this rich tobacco brown base, the team used Wella Professionals Illumina Color 5/7 and 6% (20 volume) before mixing Illumina 7/35 and 8/1 with 12% (4 volume) to achieve toffee ribbons in the hair. After working Velvet Amplifier Style Primer and Natural Volume Styling Mousse into locks, they blow-dried and set them with a large-barrel iron, then brushed and misted strands with Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray. Dress: Gaurav Gupta; bracelet and earrings: Ben Amun

Below Image: To add movement to the hair, the team used a barrel waving iron and Dynamic Fix Crafting Spray to create undulating waves. Dress: Julia Clancey