Gypsy Magic

Accessories help transform the hairstyles in this exclusive collection into elegant, yet wearable looks.

The Global Gypsies collection—by Shane Henning and the Noddy’s On King creative team, based in Sydney, Australia—which was part of a hair show at Hair Expo Australia in June, showcases a mixture of styles to highlight each model’s unique beauty. “Everything had to complement and work together, from the flowers, feathers and decorative objects in the hair to the hairstyles,” Henning says. “The hair was directional but still very wearable. Even though some of the girls have pink, green or blue hair, they still look very beautiful and elegant.” Models wore clothing with bold block colors and Eastern and Western influences to add to the Global Gypsy concept. —Nicole Altavilla >

Photography: Sebastian Kriete; Makeup: Katrina Raftery; Fashion Styling: Emma Cotterill


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