Hair & Nail Workshop

Fringe Benefits

A killer fringe can transform an otherwise ho-hum haircut. Andrew Carruthers, director of education for Sam Villa, explains.

as0415-IS_W_Fringe-rev_fmt_0.jpegOne of the most significant creative aspects of a great cut is the fringe. “The most influential element that affects face shape and highlighting and/or detracting from certain facial features is the fringe area,” says Andrew Carruthers. Here, he shares how a long, layered full fringe can bring attention to lips and cheeks:

1. Take a triangular-shaped section from the high point of the head to the top of the recession area on the hairline.

2. Create a 1-inch center vertical section within the triangle from the high point to the forehead. Elevate this section to 90 degrees horizontal and create a vertical cutting line. The longest pieces of layer should fall just past the brow bone.

3. Overdirect all of the left side of the triangle to the centerline, maintaining the same elevation and cutting to the guide.

4. Repeat this on the opposite side.

5. Refine the perimeter line to maintain the length and weight toward the outside corners.

6. To build disrupted texture, finish with Redken Fashion Waves 07 and the Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer with diffuser. —M.D.

Inner Strength

as0415-EP-rev_C2101_R6_fmt_0_0.jpegPacked with phyto-nutrients and gluten-free plant proteins, Malibu C Miracle Repair Wellness Reconstructor is a vegan treatment that restores strength, shine and volume to hair. Rather than unnecessarily treating healthy hair, the treatment is formulated to seek out only the most damaged strands, and works from the inside, out. —K.H.

Rescue Remedy

as0415-FL_CND-rev_C210_fmt_0.jpegNow there’s real hope for clients with weakened or damaged nails: CND RescueRXx Daily Keratin Treatment.

At CND, we are all about maintaining the health of the natural nail,” says CND co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold, who is excited to introduce this highly effective new treatment with jojoba oil to condition the nail plate, keratin proteins that bond to the natural nail to strengthen while restoring moisture, and sweet almond oil to moisturize and soften skin. Clinically proven results show that with continued use, RescueRXx dramatically reduces peeling and white spots for healthier, more beautiful nails. In fact, after using RescueRXx for one week, 80 percent said that white spots were less noticeable and the condition of the nails was improved. By week four, 73 percent saw a decrease in splitting, while 80 percent noticed a decrease in peeling. Arnold suggests that clients apply the product to bare nails twice daily for up to four weeks for optimal results. —M.D