Hair Through the Lens: Stylists Nicholas French and Sacha Quarles on Hairstyling for the Camera

On November 10-11, She by SO.CAP USA Hair Extensions is hosting a class taught by celebrity stylists Nicholas French and Sacha Quarles in the Carlyle at the Palace in Plainview, NY. The event consists of three segments, and in the first session, both stylists will discuss the art of hairstyling and their secrets to success.

Both French and Quarles gained experiece and learned about proportion and balance by styling hair for the camera. The two stylists will demonstrate various styling techniques, such as using hair extensions and hair-setting. In this session, participants will learn to conceptualize hairstyles and prepare hair for editorials and film. The event closes with participants staging their own photo shoots.

To purchase tickets, call 877/855-4247 or email [email protected]—S.Z.

About the stylists:

Nicholas French's long career includes being a salon owner, educator, print work specialist, and motivational speaker. He has worked with top film directors, including Ridley Scott, Adrien Lyne and Paul Weiland, as well as with celebrities such as Elizabeth Hurley and Twiggy.

For 16 years, Sacha Quarles has styled strands for the stage, film and magazine industries. He began his career as a hairstylist for Broadway and the New York City Opera, and rose to fame when he was a key hair stylist for television favorite Sex and the City. Since then he has styled famous strands in various blockbusters, and his client list includes Robert Downey Jr., Robert DeNiro, Sarah Jessica Parker, Colin Farrell, Catherine Zeta Jones and more.