Hairbrained Creates New App with Pros at Mightybell

Since 2009, Hairbrained has been proudly serving an ever-expanding community of hairdressers. From the very beginning, the operation has been a labor of love.

Bootstrapped into existence through hard work and sweat, the process invited sleepless nights and a sense of having crossed into an unknown world, filled with foreign and hard to grasp technology. After all, both Randy and I had spent the better part of our lives as hairdressers, and were far from being technologically savvy.

But the process was worth it. Randy and I had an urge to give back to our community, to draw it closer together. Originally, we wanted to create an online space where we (as educators) could stay in touch with our students, after our physical class ended—we wanted to keep the connections strong. So we decided to start a community to facilitate these connections, to help people continue to grow and learn. Community has always felt really important to us.


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The community flourished, growing well beyond our initial expectations, and eventually expanded beyond the borders of our self-developed technology. We knew the time was coming for Hairbrained to grow up and advance to the next level. We reached out to community development specialist Gina Bianchini, owner and entrepreneur of Silicon Valley- based Mightybell. Her vision for the Hairbrained community aligned synergistically with ours making Mightybell an ideal partner in developing the new home of Hairbrained.

“Mightybell is a platform and a partner for entrepreneurs like Gerard and Randy to create a community of professionals and make it strong and sustainable as a business too,” says Bianchini. “We’re proud to partner with them and think Hairbrained is one of the best examples of why we do what we do.”

But you might be wondering: Just where is the home for craft hairdressing headed? Under the watchful eyes of both Mightybell and our Hairbrained team, it’s ever evolving and shape-shifting, in an effort to create the perfect experience for the community’s members. 

“We’re actively making the Hairbrained app exactly what’s needed for it to be valuable to members. There are no more authentic, qualified leaders than Gerard and Randy, and together we have some plans up our sleeve that will continue to make Hairbrained a fantastic place to learn from hairdressers like you and experts alike,” confirms Bianchini. 

Simply put, Hairbrained wants to help make the world a better place for hairdressers. We believe the more we can connect like-minded stylists together, globally, the more we can help to do this. If you ask us, that’s exactly the kind of community we want to be a part of. 

For more information about Hairbrained, and to join our community of like-minded artists and entrepreneurs just like you, visit  Or download our app, available for both iPhone and Android.