Hairbrained: Teach In at Long Beach

"Sharing an idea you care about is a generous way to change your world for the better. The culture we live in next month is a direct result of things people like us share today." - Seth Godin

When hairdressers share with each other generously we shape and influence our future. These days many of us are doing this through social media, yet the value of face-to-face connection and live education in our digital world cannot be understated.

Most events and education in our industry are designed to promote a specific brand or company. While this is a totally necessary part of marketing a successful product, we felt there was a need to launch an event that was purely for the love of hair.


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We wanted to provide a platform for educators from diverse backgrounds to come together and share generously, without having to sell or promote anything.

With this in mind, last year at ISSE Long Beach we held our first Teach In. Followed by a second at IBS New York in March and a third at PBA Beauty week in Las Vegas.

All 3 events featured technical in depth demonstrations and were powerful examples of the magic that happens when we put passion before promotion, and celebrate education.

Teach in has featured some of our crafts finest educators, including Mark Hayes, Lupe Voss, Nick Arrojo, Traci Sakosits, DJ Muldoon, Adam Federico, Mainentrance Artists, Dean Holcombe, Douglas McCoy and Aaron Johnson. Along with rising stars and future leaders: Cantrell Mitchell, Corrinn Dinan and Stephanie Von Meijer

On January 31, 2016 at 6 p.m.,  we are thrilled to bring Teach In back to ISSE Long Beach. This year we will be holding Teach In on the NAHA stage, and we have a lineup of incredible international talent, showcasing the best of French, English and American hairdressing.

Teach In will be followed by an Open Bar networking hour; generously sponsored by ARROJO NYC, and a drawing for classes with featured educators.

Tickets $55 and more info available at

Teach In @ ISSE Lineup Includes: Rea Winter, Laurent D, Mark Woolley, Berry Bachen, Aaron Johnson, DJ Riggs, Lupe Voss, Jake Thompson Charlie Price, Traci Sakosits, DJ Muldoon, and Stephen Moody.

About: Hairbrained is a community of hairdressers that share a deep passion and desire to celebrate the craft of hairdressing, online socially.The community was founded by two hairdressers, Randy Taylor, a photographer / hairdresser; and Gerard Scarpaci, a world-class educator/platform artist. Both have love for our industry; its people, and the craft of hairdressing. For more information visit