Hairbrained: Tips and Tricks on Warm Weather Care

Most women are after smooth, lustrous locks – but warm weather conditions can wreak havoc on delicate strands. From dehydration to split ends, blistering conditions can leave your clients coif looking less than smooth – and leave them less than satisfied.

This is because humidity, dry heat, and added moisture in the air can cause the hair’s cuticle to lift and shift, which can ultimately lead to frizzy strands. "Summer’s main concerns are humidity and sun damage,” says Amanda Ragusa, Master Stylist at Zapien’s Salon in Atlanta, Georgia and Hairbrained ‘Top Member.’ “Using products can help keep your blowouts looking fresh all day.” Also, she recommends implementing products that pack a UV-protecting punch.

But there are other simple ways that you can help to keep your client’s hair in its best condition. Read on to get simple tips and tricks from Ragusa, to keep your client’s hair looking smooth, shiny, and perfectly hydrated, all summer long.


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  • Pre-treat. Encourage clients’ to treat themselves to a once weekly pre-shampoo treatment (such as a hydrating oil), which can help to reverse sun damage, plus smooth down lifted cuticles. Directions: Massage product into the mid-shafts and ends of hair and allow it to rest for at least 20 minutes.
  • Cleanse with care. Though too-frequent washing is ill advised – technique matters, too. Instruct clients’ to use just the tips of their fingers to gently suds the hair closest to their scalp, where dirt and oil can multiply. Water from the shower will distribute shampoo through the lengths and ends, while still preserving the hair’s natural oils.
  • Rehydrate. Everyday conditioners work well in most circumstances – but when dehydrating, summer conditions set in, consider sending clients home with an ultra nourishing, strand smoothing mask, instead. “And don’t be afraid to clarify your hair during the summer,” Ragusa tells her clients. “This can be key for removing buildup and allowing a moisture mask to penetrate the strands, restoring softness and shine.”
  • Invest in a blowout. Whether your clients choose to perform their own, or they schedule a session with you, investing (time or money) in a top-notch blowout can help to reduce frizziness by smoothing down and closing lifted cuticles. Also, a blast of cold air at the end can help to amp up shine, and close down lifted outer layers. “When styling or blowing out your hair, use the cold setting at the end,” Ragusa encourages clients. “This will close the cuticle, eliminate frizz, and add lasting shine.”
  • In salon treatment. In-salon treatments far surpass their at-home counterparts – so encourage clients to invest in an ultra-nourishing, deep conditioning service. Just one can help to rejuvenate flat, lackluster locks – and render at-home styling a snap.

Though keeping your clients hair shiny and nourished during the warm weather season can seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. By making use of the preventative techniques, here, you can stave off warm weather damage, and keep your clients looking their best, all season long. Remember that happy clients are the best referral – so keep yours looking flawless with these frustration-free techniques.       

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