Hairbrained on Warm Weather Color Care


Color clients always ask: How can I keep my color fresh and vibrant in between services? While the process for keeping your hue intact can be a simple one, the warm weather season introduces a fresh set of challenges, such as amped up UV rays and color diluting chlorine. “You might love the sun, sand and water – but your hair? Not so much,” says Hairbrained Member and AJF Salon Color Specialist Tiffany Burnett.  “Warm weather elements can strip color right out of your clients hair, making it look dull and flat.”  

Luckily, you can give your clients a few no-fuss pointers for keeping their color picture perfect from May to September. Read on to get simple color-saving tips and tricks from Tiffany, for the summer season ahead.


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Tip 1: Invest in a top-notch conditioner. Like skin, moisture is a must-have element for your client’s strands – and this is particularly true during the warm weather months. Advise your clients to pull conditioner through the mid-lengths and ends of their hair, allowing the product to penetrate for up-to five minutes. Post shower, follow with a UV-protecting, leave in conditioner. This can stop fading due to the suns harsh rays, but it can also put a barrier between your clients’ locks, and chlorine from the pool.

Tip 2: Keep brunettes saturated. If your client has brunette hair, recommend a color-locking shampoo and conditioner, which can contain UV protecting elements. To keep hues ultra-saturated, send them home with a color-depositing conditioner. While color-depositing shampoos are more common, the conditioner will be more effective at keeping color shiny and bright. Advise them to apply the conditioner once weekly from root to tip, and allow it to work for up 15 minutes.

Tip 3: Keep blondes cool. For clients that get bleach or high lift tint services, warm weather conditions can be particularly damaging - and cause their hue to turn brassy or tarnished looking. To keep their tones looking cool, advise your client to invest in silver or violet based shampoo, which can help to neutralize unwanted warmth.

Tip 4: Maintain pastel tones. Pastel tones fade quickly, even under the best of circumstances. Though it may seem counterintuitive, advise your pastel-colored clients to shampoo their strands as infrequently as possible, and recommend that they make use of dry shampoos, in between.  

Though it may seem tedious, explaining the rigors of the warm weather season to your clients is essential for staving off frustration – and costly touch-ups. So follow the tips outlined here, and make sure that your clients keep their color on-point, even as the sun blazes.   

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