Hairstylist Mike Karg Shares Dry-Cutting Tips

Cutting dry hair not only benefits clients as a new specialized service that works for most hair textures, but it also generates business by supporting a unique identity for your salon and inviting curious clients into your chairs. Continuing our Better Business story from the February issue, renowned hairstylist, educator and entrepreneur Mike Karg shares his top dry-cutting tips:

  • Don’t alter a client’s hair texture before cutting, like straightening curly hair. Always cut the hair like it’s worn.
  • Don’t use a thinning/blending shear on curly hair; instead, use texturizing shears.
  • Always cut fine/thin hair dry, and cut the hair as blunt as possible for fullness.
  • When cutting bangs, always blow-dry them first to show how they’ll be worn.
  • When cutting curly hair, don’t use a comb; section with your pinky and cut in the direction of the curl.
  • Always eliminate bulk at the ends by cutting into the hair until mid-shaft.
  • Use long shears when cutting dry hair, because it’s much easier and looks better, too.
  • Use a texturizing shear when cutting a straight line.
  • Understanding shape, form, balance and proportion is a must.
  • Move the hair constantly with your fingers and hands to ensure a perfect cut.

—Sarah Sin

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