Halle Berry's Vogue Cover Look

Halle Berry is making headlines as the first black woman to grace the cover of Vogue's all-important September issue in more than 20 years. Love her sleek, sexy look? We asked her hairstylist, Oribe, to share some behind-the-scenes scoop.

The Inspiration: "Halle had never worn her hair in this type of style, and I was very interested in doing something different," Oribe says. "The clothes for the shoot had something very Art Deco about them that was inspiring. I also referenced the film The Professional with Natalie Portman. She was only about 13 at the time, and she had this great little bob that looked so perfect. I wanted Halle’s hair to be very sharp and direct in that same way—not bulky at all. The idea was to get flat, straight hair with bangs that could be easily messed up to create interest.

Making the Cut: "The key to a shorter bob is that it needs to be tailored to each person, such as by changing the length of the bangs," Oribe explains. "The whole style is about simplicity and strength; it’s actually a bit severe in its strength. Anybody could wear this style."

Get the Look: Start by blow-drying the hair straight (Oribe used his Royal Blowout for smoothness and shine). Then apply heat styling spray, such as Oribe Soft Lacquer, to the hair shaft and flat-iron all over. Smooth over any stray hairs with a flat brush to perfect the look.