Hanna Compton: Book Building

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while, but I've been crazy busy with all sorts of events, fundraisers, and photoshoots! To start off, The Cao Institute launched it's very own makeup line, The Cao Cosmetics! And to launch it we invited Paul Mitchell students, teachers, associates, etc. to come take a class on our new line and have a test shoot to try it out. Being on Design Team I got to join in the class as well and got to do my very own makeup. We got the chance to work with the amazing Karla Ticas ( www.karlaticas.com ), as well as makeup artists Leibi Carias ( www.leibicarias.com ) and Noseph Trinh. The advanced kit is absolutely beautiful, with colorful palettes and endless levels of foundation. Here are a few pictures of my work:  

Hair: Veronica Nunez

Makeup: Hanna Compton

I also have a picture from the Empire Photoshoot that I did in February. Unfortuantely I haven't gotten all the pictures back from the photoshoot but here's one of me standing in front of a gripload of makeup I'd love to have  (:

Oh yeah and my new haircut!

Oh and I can't forget to tell you all that I moved up to Creative now. Creative is the upper class that you move into once you're halfway through your hours needed to graduate. You get to focus more on Stateboard and learn new things.

I also recently did a test shoot that a friend at school set up. It was so fun, I got to do five different makeup looks. I can't wait to get the pictures back! I'll post them up ASAP once I do.

We had associates from Napoleon Perdis come in and do a makeup demo the other day and I got to be the model. Rebecca Prior was the makeup artist who did the demo and she was the cutest little australian lady you'll ever see.



Don't mind my huge forhead. After the demo we all got free goodie bags and were offered special prices on Napoleon Perdis classes and kits, yay!

Overall lots of makeup stuff going on lately, which I'm lovin! Don't forget to come to our benefit fashion show on April 22nd if you want to see more makeup and hair from me and my fellow future professionals! It's a night you don't want to miss!