Hanna Compton: January's Here!


Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday and a happy new year and got all the things you wanted. The last few weeks of school went really well, lots of clients coming to get their hair done for the holidays and our holiday party was awesome! We had all sorts of activities going on that day, beginning with a fashion show we had. We were put in groups and had to come up with a Christmas themed show, with two or more models. My group came up with the idea of the ghosts of christmas past, present, and future. I got to do hair and makeup on Krystie who was our model for ghost of christmas past. It was fun to get to be really creative on someone and get to use my makeup kit for the first time. We had a couple of hours to finish with everything: hair, makeup, and wardrobe and then had the fashion show upstairs. Everyone did a realllly good job and there were alot of great ideas, and a few laughs as well. After the fashion show we passed out all the holiday grams, which everyone adored. We had a raffle as well, with a bunch of rad prizes, cut and color dvds, accessories for your shears, combs, lotions, makeup, and more. And we had a white elephant gift exchange. I got a really nice toolbelt that I can wear in the salon to hold my combs and clips and shears and a few brushes. I couldn't have asked for anything better. We finished the night off with a scrumptious potluck. It was a really successful day for Student Council and fun for everyone.

Besides that we've just been in the salon working on dollheads and clients, learning and having fun!

What I'm really excited for is that Winn Claybaugh and George Morales are coming to our school this Wednesday, January 6th. They'll be there all day to talk to us and anyone else who feels like coming. I can't wait, I've never met Winn but everything I hear about him is so great. My new years resolution actually is finish reading his book "Be Nice Or Else". You guys should read it with me!

More fantastic news is that there's talk about The Cao starting a makeup coarse at the school in a couple of months. Nothings official but from what i hear Leibi Carias is going to be teaching. If you don't know who Leibi is, look her up. She's an amazzzzing makeup artist who I had the chance to watch work at LA Fashion Week and was a guest speaker at our school when I first started. She's someone to really look up to a learn from and I really hope they do have a makeup coarse with her teaching because I'm definately gonna take it. I'll have more to tell you all about that once I know more. Also our school now has new makeup kits with our own makeup called The Cao Cosmetics!

Here are some pictures I took of Krystie while doing her makeup and hair:



Until next time!

Hanna Compton