Hanna Compton: Makeup !

There's been allll sorts of makeup frenzy going on lately. It all started when renouned makeup artist James Vincent came to visit us at The Cao as our guest speaker. As a part of The Poweder Group and a good friend of Ree's he came to tell us all about The Makeup Show LA that was coming that weekend, February 28th and March 1st. He informed us of all the different workshops, vendors, classes, products, and info that was going to be there. Unfortunately I didn't get to attend because I had to work, but the students who went couldn't stop talking about how much was going on there. Anything you wanted to know or learn or buy or anyone you wanted to meet was there. And tons of products on sale too. I'm definately going next year. I absolutely love doing makeup, so going to The Makeup Show is a definate must. There's unions there that will tell you everything you need to know and have to become a part of the union, which is something I'm definately planning on doing.

James also did a demo on one of the students, talked about himself, and talked about editorial and weddings. He's an amazing guy who would be a great person to learn from.

Besides that I also went with Design Team for an event to Empire Makeup Academy to do the hair for their annual photoshoot. Its for students close to graduating. They get to do makeup on professional models with professional photographers and we got to help them out and do the hair for their photos! Not only was it a great way to network and make friends with the Empire Students, but we get our name on those pictures too for our portfolio. I came back the next day with a friend of mine to help them out with their second shoot. I'm so excited to get the pictures back. They were all really amazing makeup artists and super nice girls.

I cut all my hair off too! It's short now, but way healthier, and edgier, i really like it alot.

Heres a picture of me and James:

He gives the best hugs! I'll post some pictures from the photoshoot once I get them

Until next time,

Hanna Compton