Hanna Compton: Student Council

December has been really fun so far! Since its the holiday season and everyone wants to look good for their christmas photos and all that we've been pretty busy. So for the whole month of december we aren't having specialty classes (color, texture, and cutting class). So we're on the floor doing hair all day except for the hour of theory we have.

And we've been very busy in Student Council as well. We have a few really great events coming up. On December 19th we're having a Skate Night at the Pasadena Ice Skating Rink to benefit our Roll For A Cause Fundraiser. It's open to anyone to come. The tickets are $12 for admission, skates, and food. And $30 for admission, skates, food, and a Roll For A Cause t-shirt. It starts at 8pm, for tickets and more info stop by The Cao Institute and come join us in a good cause. Another really exciting event is our annual Christmas Party we'll be having. We're gonna hae a fashion show, a raffle for lots of rad prizes, Santa Clause is gonna come visit us, and a potluck too of course! We've been busy planning it out and decorating the school as well. I'm really excited.

Besides that I've just being doing hair on the floor, having fun, and learning a lot. The new core class comes this tuesday!! I'm pretty excited, I might be a mentor for the new core so that should be fun.


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Hanna Compton

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