Hanna Compton: Week 15

I love the holidays! I've really been in the spirit lately, especially at school. We've had lots of fun holiday theme days, like red and green day and tacky sweater day. They've been playing the christmas music and we've been realllly busy with lots of clients who want to look good for the holidays. My friend Rebekah and I have been spending the past few days selling Christmas Grams and tickets for Skate Night, along witht he help of Student Council. I sold soooo many christmas grams, I'm really happy. A lot of people will be getting cookies and cupcakes on Wednesday at our Christmas Party. I'm actually baking the cookies right now. I volunteered to make all the cookies for the Christmas Grams, so now I have about sixty cookies laid out on my table that I'm cooling so I can frost them. My house smells delicious!

We've also added another amazing new team member to our school. Her name is Nico and she's been working at the San Diego school for over 4 years. She also works at Robert Cromeans salon a couple times a month. She's a fabulous hair stylist and educator who specializes in color. I'm so stoked that we could have her at my school to educate us and help us along on our journey.

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I hope everyone has a happy holiday!

Hanna Compton