Hanna Compton, Week 18: FUNraising

This week went by really quick! I've just been busy, getting boxes done, doing haircuts and colors. We had Nadene Bruders, a former Stateboard instructor who retired and created a book called Score! to help students study for Stateboard come in as our guest speaker. I saw her once already actually, right when I first started, when I was in core. But it's always nice to see her. She's the cutest little lady and she has allll the insiders on how to pass stateboard.

Also, Student Council has been very busy planning all sorts of FUNraising. We do Funraising every year to help raise money for all the orginizations we support. This year we're also going to raise some money for the victims in Haiti by having a Cut-A-Thon at school. We don't have it all mapped out, but it should be coming up in a few weeks, probably at the beginning of February. I'm really excited for that, it seems like a really fun day and I know it will really help out. After that we have to start planning for the Paul Mitchell fundraisers.

Also, on Friday, Student Council was invited to The Doctors Show. We got to see a screening of the movie Extraordinary Measures, and then went to the show, where they talked about the movie. Brendan Frasier was a guest, as well as the actualy family that the movie was based on. The movie is about two children with Pompei disease, which they had no cure for, and their father's struggle to find a cure and save them. It's a reallly great, touching movie with Brendan Frasier and Harrison Ford. I would encourage everyone to see it when it comes to theaters.


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Also, on Saturday I did a one length haircut and blow dry in around 30 minutes. I was really proud of myself. Practice makes perfect!

I'll have more updates about the Cut-A-Thon and all our fundraisers soon, so don't forget to follow me on twitter to be the first to hear.



Hanna Compton

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