Hanna Compton, Week 2: Color Week

Hey! Well week two was amazing! We got straight into color. The first day we spent in class learning about all the fantastic Paul Mitchell color products. I like Paul Mitchell's color products because they try to be as damage-free and rejuvinating as possible.  There is Paul Mitchell The Color, which is basically the hair colors they have, including permanent, semi-permanent, and demi-permanent dyes. They also have Paul Mitchell Shines which is an ammonia-free demi-permanent group of hair colors that is hydrating for the hair. Then theres the Dual Purpose Lightener, the Paul Mitchell Bleach, and it's compliments such as PM Blonding Paste and Highlifts. There's also PM Color Shots, which are vibrant color shots you can add to a dye to make it brighter and richer in that color. Inkworks is another Paul Micthell color that doesn't need a developer to use. You simply put the Inkworks on and it stains the hair that color. Those too come in basic, bright colors. Paul Mitchell also has Back Track, they're product used for stripping color from the hair. All these products, used along with Paul Mitchell's rich, rejuvinating shampoos, conditioners, and styling products make for one hell of a color arsenal. I'm in love.

We learned the chemistry of things like whats in color, the ABCD's of color, and the 5 levels of lift. We got to use the formulation sheets they use in the salon to figure out all about a client's hair, where it's come from and where they plan on going with it, and how to give them what they want while creating the least amount of damage.  P.S. The highest amount of ammonia in any of Paul Mitchell's colors is 2%  !!

On Wednesday we got to do Salon Visits which was really really fun and eye opening. My group, which consisted of 5 people, went to the Angus M Salon in Beverly Hills. The salon was really nice with a calm attitude about the place. My learning leader Ree was working while we were there shampooing a customer and we just took a tour of the salon and asked the manager a few questions about the place. Then we went next door to a salon called Umberto's, which was a huuuge, beautiful salon that did practically everything and had a old roman statues and pillars adorning it.


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The rest of the week we spent working on our doll heads learning different blonding techniques and how to do highlights. It was really fun doing all the hands on, even though we were learning with shaving cream. We learned five differenting blonding techniques and two different ways of highlighting, the horizontal weave and the diagonal slice. We also watched a dvd on Paul Mitchell color and what the different products paired with amazing techniques could create. Overall color week was really enlightening and I can't wait to try what I've learned out on a guest!


Hanna Compton  :D