Hanna Compton, Week 4: Cutting Week!

Cutting Week was really fun! We started out the week in the classroom learning the basics of haircutting, a.k.a. The Core Cutting Objectives. They taught us all about how the principles of dimension, such as height width, depth, and elevation affected our haircut and how they worked along with your hand and body position to create different shapes and to distribute weight in the hair. We also went over all of our tools and how different tools could create different looks. We went through each different haircut (One Length Round, Square, and Triangular; Graduated Round, Square, and Triangular; and Layered Round, Square, and Triangular) and what you would do to create that haircut, such as your body position, the elevation at which you hold the hair, how much tension and overdirection you should have, how your sections should look, where you should start, etc. I love our teachers because they make everything so understandable. If you dont get it the first time they say it they will teach it to you in a different way so that you will get it. It's a great way to learn.

The first haircut we did on our dollheads was a square one length. It's a simple haircut, pretty easy, the only thing is keeping to your guide and trying to get a perfect straight line. Thats gonna take some practice.

On Wednesday we had a guest speaker, Ryan Zane, who works for Angus M Salons. He came and did a demo of the "Ji Haircut" for us on one of the students. It was a mix between graduated round, square, and triangle haircuts and came out realllly great on the girl. He also showed us a long hairstyle that was awesome, with part of the hair teased like crazy and other parts folding and heated to make a zigzag design.

It was a fun demo. On thursday we got to work on the floor with Liz, another learning leader, who was teaching us blow drying techniques. Friday we worked on our dollheads doing a Triangular Graduation. It was the hardest haircut for me and it took us all day, but it was fun. I didn't think i would enjoy cutting as much as I do. Then Saturday we got to work with Alee Cao on our round layers, which was the easiest and most fun for me. I really liked learning and working with Alee, he's a great educator.

It's crazy how much you can learn in one week!

Till next week,

Hanna Compton