Hanna Compton: Week 5, Spa Week

Such a fun week! This week in core was a mix of men's haircutting and spa. Half the day would be in class learning haircutting and the other half was with the skin girls. We leanred to cut both with our clippers using the clipper over comb technique, which was a bit harder for me, and also with our shears using the scissor over comb technique. Later we got together with Tammy, a learning leader from the skin academy and she showed us a powerpoint and went over alot of useful information about skin and keeping it healthy. we all had lots of questions.

The next day we had amazing guest speakers: Franchesca Rodriguez, a Cao Institute graduate who by the age of 19 opened her own salon. And Leibi Carias, an awe inspiring makeup artist who spoke the truth about the business and what it takes to get into it. Both speakers were greatly inspiring. Later that day we learned to do facials! We all gave eachother facials which left our skin feeling refreshed and smooth.

Thursday we got to learn waxing and most of the class got our eyebrows waxed. Some people even got their arms done. Later that day I also got some great news. Incase you don't know, my school is keying the hair and makeup for LA Fashion Week this year, and I get to go! Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursda of next week I get to go assist doing hair and makeup at Fashion Week! I feel so blessed and excited you don't even know.

Friday we had one of the skin girls come up and answer all our questions about makeup. She'd been a makeup artist for over 10 years and had great advice and did beautiful makeup.

Saturday we were on the floor and did a project with the Behind the Bottle book educating eachother on all the Paul Mitchell Products. We also learned all about the salon, how things work at the front desk, how to operate the color bar and wash house, and also how to assist other future professionals. It was pretty fun.

stayed after school on Saturday and helped set up for the Prom we were having that night. As prom got closer we all got ready doing eachother's hair and makeup. It was rad. And prom itself was amazing! The dj was waaay good, everyone took lots of pictures, and colabor8 performed for us twice! They were so awesome. It was a realllly fun night and great week overall. I'll post up some pictures on the blog from prom as soon as I get some.

And I'm heading out to LA Fashion Week tomorrow so don't forget to follow me on twitter is you want to hear what happens! www.twitter.com/hanna_compton

Love Always,

Hanna Compton