Hanna Compton, Week 6: Fashion Week !!


My last week in Core was awesome. It was mainly a week made for reviewing before the tests we had Friday and Saturday. I was hardly there though because I went to Fashion Week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I got to study and review with my class the few hours before I went to fashion week on those days, but besides that I studied a bit on my own.

Fashion Week was a blast! It was long days of standing on your feet but besides that it was crazy fun. Susan and I were Runners, which is basically taking care of the models, telling them where to go, directing them when and where to get their hair and makeup done. We also did a bit of hair ourselves and overlooked all the hair and makeup artists to make sure they were doing everything right as well. It what chaotic and rushed and I loved it. The models were all so beautiful and nice and everyone had a good time. It was fun to see your creation walking down the runway. Also exciting was getting to meet the designers. I was most excited about meeting Jarrell Scott who was on Project Runway and has fabulous clothes I would wear anyday. I learned a lot from watching everyone and listening to Ree and Leibi. If you ever get the chance to just go to Fashion Week take it. It was the opportunity of a lifetime and I'm so grateful I got to go.

When I came back to reality and back to school on Friday we had our practical test to take and our female haircut. Both went great and were easier than I thought. My mom came to be my model and I did a really clean, pretty triangular one length on her and did her makeup too. She was really happy with it. Saturday we had our written final and our male haircut. My boyfriend came to be my model for that. He has a mohawk so I trimmed it for him and made the length more even then gave him some layers for texture. That haircut came out awesome as well.

It was an unbelievable week and now I get to move on to Protege, where I assist other Future Professionals on the floor.

Here are some pictures from Fashion Week. Enjoy!

<3 Hanna Compton