Hanna Compton: Week 9

Such an amazing week. I got to take my first clients this week! My very first client was a blonde woman who wanted her roots touched up and lowlights put in her hair. I was so envious of her hair because if you didn't know my next conquest is to go blonde, woo! She's was really nice and open to what we thought would be good for her. It was pretty simple too. I just touched up all her regrowth on the bottom half of her head and when I got to the top both touched up her regrowth and waved in some lowlights. She was really happy with the outsome and I even got her to buy out color care mini kit to keep her color vibrant and her hair healthy. I wasn't even nervous!

Also this week we were told about Caper 2010 in Vegas. Only 13 Cosmo Future Professionals and 5 Skin Future Professionals from our school get to go to Caper and get it all funded by the school. The catch is that it is the first 13 to sell 35 giftbags that we have on sale right now just for the Caper event. It's pretty cool, we have different bags with three different products in them, all for the price of one! We also have giftbags for smoothing irons and curling irons. It's a really great deal and an awesome opportunity for us students to get to go to the Caper hairshow for free.

I sold a bag to the second client I got this week, who I did a basic color on, a really beautiful burgundy color, and my first haircut int he salon too! She was really great and she gave me a sweet tip.

It's really fun being able to take guests and make people feel beautiful. It makes me feel good about myself while making them feel good too. I can't wait to get better and better at what I do.


Hanna Compton