Here To Stay

Why the gel trend will keep on trending

With its promise of long-lasting wear, mirror-like shine and virtually nonexistent drying times, it’s easy to see why gel nail color has captured the hearts of clients and salon professionals alike.

“Gel polish is no longer a trend; it’s now an industry standard,” says OPI Director of Professional Development Lauren Breese. “Color gels are firmly established as a bread-and-butter service offering in salons. Any salon that’s not offering the service is missing out on revenue.”


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Breese adds that putting OPI GelColor on the menu can pay big dividends for salon professionals. “The biggest advantage is developing repeat clientele,” she explains. “Dedicated color gel clients frequent the salon every two to three weeks.”

OPI’s full five-finger, 30-second cure LED light shaves 15 minutes of service time off each GelColor set compared with standard UV-cured color gels.

More good news for nail pros: Adding gels to your service menu doesn’t require a large training investment. “OPI offers classes via our distributors in GelColor application,” says Breese. “Another very convenient way to learn is to register as a professional at our professional Web portal, where you’ll find video tutorials for GelColor by OPI applications, from basic to advanced nail design.”

OPI is the only professional manufacturer that advertises in consumer magazines, according to Breese, which helps to drive business to salon professionals. If your clients aren’t already asking for it, they may just need to hear a word from you about the benefits. “Some clients fear that gels will damage their nails. The reality is that only improper application or removal can cause damage,” she says. “The professional should provide an explanation of how the GelColor ‘best service practice’ results in gorgeous nails before and after wearing the product.” This information is covered thoroughly in the GelColor videos and training classes, she explains, including techniques that ready nails for gel application without damaging them.

OPI GelColor is available in over 100 shades, which are virtually identical to the corresponding lacquer shades. “This makes it easy to match fingers and toes or offer clients GelColor manicures in their favorite iconic OPI shade,” says Breese. Twice a year, the company releases 12 additional shades matching the latest seasonal collections, plus limited-edition holiday and summer shades.

Clients can find GelColor matches to their favorite iconic OPI shades, such as Bubble Bath, You Don’t Know Jacques and Princesses Rule.



According to a 2014 Gallup Poll study of U.S. nail care professionals…

• Nearly all nail salons now offer gel polish manicures (86% vs. 72% in 2012).

• Salons rate gel manicures as the most popular nail service (58%), particularly UV LED-cured color gels (50%).

• Gels are also seen as the service with the strongest increases in customer demand.

• More than half (66%) of salon professionals agree: “Gel polish has been a boon to our business.”

• OPI dominates nail enamel brands used and sold in salons.

• GelColor by OPI is the leading brand of gel polish used in salons.