High-Tech Haircolor

From storing color formulas to scheduling maintenance appointments, salon software can make a haircolorist's job a whole lot easier.

Salon software and haircolor may seem like odd bedfellows, but there are many ways technology can help grow your color business and make it more efficient. Most software systems offer basic functionality that enables haircolorists to store the formula history for each client, which ensures service consistency and a better customer experience. Many applications can generate printouts of this history at check-in so that haircolorists have all of the information they need when a client sits down in their chair. With Salon Iris and Unique Salon Software, you can also record before-and-after pictures of your clients, creating a visual record of the haircolor service.

Keeping track of clients' formula history isn't the only way software can help haircolorists. Floydware's Rosy software, for example, includes an Intelligent Service feature that makes scheduling maintenance visits easier. Upon booking an appointment, staff is notified if the client is due for highlights or a color touch-up, based on guest history records.

For salons using Aveda haircolor, Extended Technologies' Web-based ColorBiz software features a touch-activated screen; stores formulas, foil placement and techniques; creates a color maintenance visit plan; captures missed revenue opportunities; and reduces product cost and waste by standardizing color usage based on hair length, density and coverage. Users are required to receive training in Walter Claudio's HeadMapping Hair Color System, which gives haircolorists a "map" that determines exactly how much time, product and cost is required to perform each service, with the goal of increasing revenue, regulating pricing and generating consistent results. A new version of ColorBiz is scheduled for release this summer.


Perhaps the ultimate in technological assistance for the haircolorist comes from SalonTechnologies. In addition to allowing users to create, store and extract haircolor formulations, SalonManager software and the handheld Personal Salon Assistant (PSA) include an encyclopedic collection of 60,000 different color formulas and step-by-step instructions, with application timing and processing information, for seven different professional haircolor product lines. The formulas range from basic to advanced, making the software appropriate for both students and established pros, and they take into consideration hair's underlying pigments and gray coverage, eliminating guesswork.

Contact these companies to get more information on how salon software can help your haircolor business. —L.A.

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Floydware: 630/469-1078; www.floydware.biz

Salon Iris: 888/803-4747; www.saloniris.com

SalonTechnologies: 877/524-1186; www.salontechnologies.com

Unique Salon Software: 800/586-4783; www.salonpages.com