How Make Your Client Look Amazing with Wet Hair

The key to making clients look great with wet hair is to keep it simple and off your face. KMS California Artistic Director, Sonna Brado, shares with us a few how-to’s to get a chic wet hairstyle.  

For short hair divide the hair at the recession area creating a top and bottom section. Begin on the bottom section and emulsify a pea size amount of KMS California HAIRPLAY design wax in your hands, work from the back forward raking the wax into your hair. Try not to flatten the hair too much with the palms of your hands. Release the top section and repeat, working in the same manner. Use a wide tooth comb to slick the sides back and finish with your fingers on top for a looser look, add glamorous earrings and you are ready to go from pool to party!

Look One: A loose, messy bun will always be chic. To create this look on wet hair apply a liberal amount of KMS CALIFORNIA sea salt spray to entire head. Divide the hair into 2 sections at the ear area, separating the front from the back. Using your hands instead of a comb create a messy ponytail in the nape and secure with band. Take the front of the hair and take back with fingers to join the two sections, but don't place into the band. Begin twisting the two sections together and wind around in a loose bun, pulling on tail to create a messy effect. Allow random pieces to fall free and pin with bob pins. Finish by lightly running the palms of your hands back and forth on the surface of the hair, loosening up a few areas to create a undone feeling. Spray with KMS California HAIRSTAY medium hold hairspray.


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Look Two: For this popular runway look it's ok to let the ends of the hair dry into beachy waves. You need a strong product to keep the hair off the face and looking wet through the evening. I like KMS California HAIRPLAY gel wax. It has the power of a gel and the flexibility of a wax so it doesn't get too crunchy! Simply work the hair back using a dime size amount of the gel wax with your fingers stopping the product application at the back of the head, keeping the feeling loose and natural, Apply a few sprays of the KMS California HAIRPLAY sea salt spray on the lengths of the hair and scrunch. The front will remain wet looking and the back will dry into beachy waves.

About: In 1976, biochemist Jamey Mazzotta takes his passion to create innovative haircare products and, along with partners Kornfield and Smith, founds KMS California in Redding, CA. For more info visit