How Stylists Can Treat Job-Related Injuries


By David Christenson, CEO of Neurocare Systems

Stylists spend hours on their feet each day—throw in the restricted movements, the unusual arm positions and the repetitive motions that come with the daily routine, and it’s not difficult to understand how the back, legs and arms can suffer.

When pain impacts one area, the body compensates and the issue quickly spreads. One way to help ease that pain (and prevent additional injury) is using pulsed light therapy. 


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How it works: LED diodes that distribute light-pulsed therapy are placed within comfortable modular pads, with red, blue or near infra-red light being the most commonly used wavelengths. These pads deliver diffused light that spreads out over a large area of the body to increase circulation, allowing for greater nutrient-rich blood to flow to nerves, muscles, joints and other tissues. The result? A reduction in pain and inflammation, which allows the body’s natural healing process to run its course much more quickly.


Other perks of light therapy are that it's safe, and there is no recovery time or side effects. Stylists can treat large areas or two or more areas of the body simultaneously. To use, place the pads directly on the skin and relax for the 20-minute pre-programmed session of pulsed light therapy. If done on a regular basis, inflammation and pain can be reduced dramatically as proper blood flow returns to damaged nerves and tissues, helping to fight the effects of carpel tunnel, hip, lower back, elbow, wrist or shoulder pain.

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