How-To: Chain Link Braid

Soaring temperatures can make keeping your client’s look in place less than simple. Luckily, Tiffany Chiapparelli, Amika platform artist, is here to share her humidity defying ‘Chain Link’ braid. Perfect for any summer occasion, this fresh interpretation on a braid can take your guests style from disheveled to chic – in just a few simple steps. Read on to discover how you can learn this amazing style, in a snap. 

•    Using your right hand, divide hair into four equal strands, separating each strand in between your five fingers (with your palms facing up).

•    Mentally number each strand (one, two, three and four) moving from left to right.


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•    Using your left hand, grasp strand number three in between your thumb and pointer finger, and slide strand number one through your pointer and middle finger.

•    Flip and land the remaining two strands of hair from your right hand; move them between the remaining fingers on your left hand.

•    Repeat these steps: Start by grasping strand number two while sliding strand number four in between your pointer and middle finger; flip and land the remaining two strands of hair in between the remaining fingers on the right hand.

Using these simple to follow techniques, you can help to elevate your client’s look with this cool, and unexpected braid.

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