How-To: Styling Long Hair with Sharon Blain

Hairdressing veteran, Sharon Blain, is lauded as being both innovative and unique. She’s mastered her craft, marrying precision-based techniques with creativity. These dual-force abilities have made her an internationally acclaimed educator and editorial stylist, alike. Read on to get her simple tips and tricks for creating a romantic up-styled look – and watch as she shares her wisdom on episode #16 of Hb Live, here.        

Step 1: Create a base. To create a successful anchor point (to pin hair to), craft a simple scalp braid at the nape of the neck. Working from left to right, double the braid back along the hair, and follow by sewing the braid flat onto the head. This will create a base for your pins, and will help to easily hold long, thick locks in place.

Step 2: Curl and set.  Using a one-inch barrel wand set the hair, moving in a single direction. Make sure to use a diagonal parting, going forward. Flat wrap the curls, and allow them to cool completely.


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Step 3: Brush through. Once cool, use a flat brush to thoroughly comb through the curls, making sure to place tension on the brush. Work a smoothing cream into your palms, and distribute through the ends of the hair, to smooth down any ruffled strands.   

Step 4: Gather and tuck. Gather the hair together in the back, making sure to leave a few face framing strands loose, which will pave the way for a soft, romantic look. At the bottom of the gathered hair – approximately three to four inches from the bottom – place a band around the hair. Next, loosely pull up on the hair. This will create softness and looseness. Next, loop a pin through your band, and begin to tuck the hair up towards the braid; latch the hair into the braid. You should have what look like a ‘faux bob.’

Step 5: Lift and pin. Clean the style up by pinning rogue strands into the braid. Lift them up and around, creating a pin curl like style; pull pieces apart so nothing appears too structured. You’ll know you’ve misplaced a pin if you can see it – the style should be seamless, airy and absolutely dreamy. Continue to pull, move and swing the hair around until you’ve created a finished look to your liking. Lightly mist with finishing spray.

Tips from Sharon: When creating an up-do, it’s important to take into account the type of event that the style will be worn to – plus what your client will be wearing, herself. Make sure that the style of the hair aligns with the designated wardrobe. Also, pay close attention to the hair: texture, density, and length. Always choose a style that works with the fabric of the hair. Furthermore, take the weather into consideration. For example, humidity will most likely not support a style that rests too heavily on the skin.

Also – never stop learning. You’re only done when you think you’re done.

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