How-To: Tie Dye Hair

One of the most popular fashion trends seen on the Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week runways was a modernized version of the popular 1970’s tie-dye print. With the rainbow hair color trend continuing to be popular among celebrities, influencers and many more across the world, PRAVANA guest artist Rickey Zito (also known as the HairGod_Zito) shows stylists how to use PRAVANA’s bright, long-lasting hair color to recreate the print on hair! Check out the video here:

Using VIVIDS Locked-In shades, Rickey demonstrates how to do the far-out tie-dye look with a unique technique. VIVIDS Locked-In colors are ideal for tie-dye because they allow the stylist to create patterns and apply vibrant colors next to even the lightest of hair with no fear of transfer.

See Rickey’s formulas and technique here:


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  1. Pre-lighten the hair to a level 10 with Pure Light Power Lightener and your choice of developer. 
  2. Section the dry hair off into 2-4” square blocks. Tie an elastic hair band loosely at the bee of the sections. 
  3. Loosely tie cloth over the elastic hair bands. This leaves a portion of the hair uncolored.
  4. Mix colors:
    1. Orange – 2 parts VIVIDS Locked-In Yellow: 1 part VIVIDS Locked-In Red +  dot of VIVIDS Clear
    2. Purple – VIVIDS Locked-In Purple + dot of VIVIDS Clear
    3. Yellow – VIVIDS Locked-In Yellow + dot of VIVIDS Clear
    4. Lime Green – 1 part VIVIDS Locked-In : 1 part VIVIDS Locked-In Teal + dot of VIVIDS Clear
    5. Pink – VIVIDS Locked-In Pink + dot of VIVIDS Clear
    6. Teal – VIVIDS Locked-In Teal + dot of VIVIDS Clear
    7. Red – VIVIDS Locked-In Red + dot of VIVIDS Clear
  5. Apply 1-2 colors in each section. If you use 2 colors, blend every so slightly where they meet. 
  6. Continue working up the head. 
  7. Process at room temperature for 20-30 minutes. 
  8. Rinse thoroughly with no fear of transfer thanks to VIVIDS Locked-In. Use VIVIDS Color Protect after care.
  9. Style as desired.

About: VIVIDS Color Protect aftercare provides all the essential tools to preserve color vitality and vibrancy like no other product available. Specifically formulated to work with the very special cationic dye system employed in VIVIDS and PASTEL colors, VIVIDS Color Protect aftercare works to ensure long-lasting, bright color. For more information visit

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