How Well Do You Know BaBylissPRO Artistic Director Jose Perales?

(Jose Perales)

Get to know Jose Perales, BaBylissPRO Artistic Director.

I realized I wanted to be a hairdresser/barber when I was in high school. I started out barbering first and would charge my friends $5 to cut their hair. It was fun and I really enjoyed doing it. Then I ventured off and tried a couple of other odd jobs here and there and I knew it wasn’t for me. I went to cosmetology school at 23 to finally pursue a career in the industry. 

I trained at Olgo Institute of Cosmetology, and after graduating I continued my education in an apprenticeship for a respected salon in Fort Worth, TX, called Christopher Walker. I also took advance classes with companies like Vidal Sassoon, Pivot Point, Toni and Guy, Wella and L’Oréal, to name a few. I got the bulk of my education from the Rusk creative team, which is where I really started my career as an educator.


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I try to absorb as much knowledge as I can, whether it's listening to podcasts, watching motivational speakers on YouTube or following respected industry professionals on social media. The biggest influence on my art is the Cenotes of Mexico. Cenotes are these secret water holes that show you how amazing the world is. As far as mentors, Jim Roberts showed me how to be a leader of a team but stay humble. Another mentor was creative team member at Rusk Naz Kapelian, who has a very well-respected salon in Boston. He showed me how to treat my career as a hobby but respect it as a business. Last but not least, Kevin Kirk, who leads the BaBylissPRO team with me and has his own booming product line called Kirk Pro and showed me to always have faith in everything I do. 

You can find me on Instagram at @jose_perales_babylisspro and by following hashtags #kingofbobs, #hairollersbyjandb and #teambabylisspro.

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“If I am the smartest one in the room, I hope it’s the bathroom.”—Jim Roberts
This hits home for me—not only do I love humor, but I believe the best way to keep growing is to always surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.

BaBylissPRO Prima 3000 or 3100—this tool is changing the game in the industry. It heats up instantly, and you can create stair hair, curls, waves, waterfalls—just about anything you can imagine. My favorite blow-dryer is called Rapido, which means "fast" in Spanish. It's light, fast and quiet.

I'm most known for my ability to come up with cutting-edge techniques. I've introduced the industry to many of my own signature techniques like Advance and Classic Diamond, Oblong and a proper way to cut one length with clippers. I also lead the team that bridges the gap between cosmetologists and barbers. 

My new venture would be to open an advance school that gives people coming into the industry a license for both barbering and cosmetology, creating a brighter future for a new super stylist called a “Hairologist.”

I want to visit Rome, and to see the world's oldest history. I also want to open a salon that rotates elite stylists and barbers from all over the nation to give people the ability to experience different talents from this amazing industry.