Incredible Journey

The 2014 North American TrendVision Awards winners push artistry to new heights.

For Alisha Basham, Brenton Lee and Ashton Morgan, 2014 was a very good year—the trio took home top honors in the Wella North American TrendVision Awards in the New Talent, Color and Student categories, respectively; Basham and Lee competed in the International TrendVision Awards in Monaco (see page 98) while Morgan got a front-row seat to all the action. They also won the opportunity to reinterpret the 2015 trends—Journey of Enlightenment (Spring/Summer) and New Frontier Uncharted Territories (Autumn/Winter)—seen exclusively on these pages. “Competing has opened up so many doors,” Lee says. “It has helped push me creatively in mastering my craft.” Adds Basham, “TrendVision has given me the chance to travel internationally and represent the U.S.; plus, getting the opportunity to be published in American Salon magazine is a huge milestone in my career.”

Visit for details on how to enter the 2015 competition—which Wella Education Associate Manager Paula Rufo says inspires the creative in-salon stylist, recognizes color expertise and celebrates talented up-and-coming salon professionals.

By kelley donahue Photography by Michael Pool Makeup:Eric Allen; fashion styling: Adrien Bago


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