Indie Beauty Media Group Launches BeautyX—Series of Learning Summits

The series of knowledge-learning summits will take place in Los Angeles, Dallas and New York City

Eager to grow your company, better identify your brand and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs? Indie Beauty Media Group—producer of Indie Beauty Expo, the world's largest exposition of independent beauty, lifestyle and wellness brands—announced the launch of its latest endeavor, BeautyX. 

BeautyX is a series of knowledge-sharing summits that will take place in three different cities, each focusing on a key topic essential to entrepreneurial success. The inaugural BeautyX will take place in Los Angeles on January 22-23, 2018—right before the third annual Indie Beauty Expo LA. Areas of focus for each summit will include:

  • BeautyX Media & Influencers | Los Angeles (January 22-23): covers the evolving media landscape. Leading media experts, beauty editors and digital influencers will help brands navigate media and social channels to build value. 
  • BeautyX Retail | Dallas (May 7-8): focuses on retail channels and trends. Top buyers, retail executives and professional curators will help young brands understand what is needed to build a successful wholesale business. 
  • BeautyX Capital | New York City (August 20-21): centers on the capital and financing landscape. Leading investors and dealmakers in beauty will help entrepreneurs understand funding strategies and options available to young brands. 

All three BeautyX summits will provide:


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  • Structured learning courses: original content developed by Indie Beauty Media Group's faculty that is part of a comprehensive curriculum of entrepreneurial education. 
  • Expert panels: top thought leaders and specialists in specific functional disciplines and market segments. 
  • Networking: a setting to meet and interact with experts as well as other brand founders and entrepreneurs. 

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