Inside Scoop: Claudia Alcantara

Inspired by Brazil’s natural resources and the demand for high-quality haircare products, Claudia Alcantara created Cadiveu Professional. The brand, which she started in 2006, represents the “best of Brazil and the richness of its raw materials,” Alcantara recently told American Salon Associate Editor Corie Russell. Here, Alcantara talks about the latest products and plans for growing her company.

Q: How did you get your start in the professional beauty industry?


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A: My passion for hair and beauty began when I was only 9 years old. After I had a traumatic haircut experience, I decided to take care of my own hair at home. I would read every single label on products and became my family and friends’ hair expert. When I was 26, I created an online book for hairdressers, teaching the basics of cosmetology and talking about hair straightening, active ingredients in brands, and suggested the brands I liked. Hairdressers started asking me if I had cosmetics to sell. That was my aha moment, when I thought about developing my own brand, which led to the launch of Cadiveu Professional.

Q: What is a typical workday like for you?

A: No two days are the same. I coordinate the development teams. I also constantly research new technology as well as work to increase brand awareness for both haircare professionals and customers. I love to be involved in every aspect of the company.

Q: Tell us about some of Cadiveu Professional’s newest products.

A: Our new Açaí oil segment, which launched in September in Brazil and October worldwide, is made with pure açaí and buriti oils found in the Amazon. It helps to repair, protect and nourish hair from root to tip. Continuing our pursuit of creating high-tech green products, we have also developed the silicone-free Detox line, a system that cleanses the scalp and makes new hair grow faster, stronger and healthier. Both systems have sold really well in Brazil, so we are expanding to other markets, including the United States.

Q: Who are some of the major developers on your team?

A: We have some of the greatest talent working with us. Luciana Ferreira is our marketing director. She directs, empowers and motivates our team. She also strives to achieve harmony and alignment with our company’s marketing and business goals. Luciana Cunha is our product development director, and oversees and manages all new product development.

Q: What initiatives are on the horizon for Cadiveu Professional?

A: We have a couple large initiatives scheduled in the near future. First, we are launching an interactive online technical center for haircare professionals. Pros will be able to learn about our newest products and services as well as stay apprised of the latest industry trends. It will feature tutorials available on our YouTube channel. This project is scheduled to launch in August 2015, first in Brazil and then in the United States. We will also be launching Hair Color by Cadiveu in 2015. We have been developing the formula for the past two years, and it will combine high-tech green technology with Italian pigments and natural Brazilian ingredients.

Q: What are the brand’s short- and long-term business goals?

A: Short term, we will introduce the Plástica dos Fios (Hair Plastic Surgery) line, as well as establish a network of strong partners that will enable us to expand the brand.

Long term, we plan to be considered one of the leading brands in the professional haircare sector and continue to introduce innovative products for stylists to express their talents.

Q: How does your company stand out from the competition?

A: We work with universities to develop and test our products before they go to market. We also pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality service to all of our stakeholders.

Q: What is the one thing you want your company to be known for?

A: We would like to be known for using natural and sustainable ingredients, and as a top-quality professional cosmetics company, globally.

“We would like to be known for using natural and sustainable ingredients”