InStyler Professional Expands Distribution

This summer, InStyler Professional launched its first product, the InStyler IQ, a professional styling tool with a 2-way auto rotating barrel.  Along with product growth, the company is also expanding its list of regional distributors with four new companies: Peerless Beauty, serving Utah and parts of Wyoming, Idaho and Nevada; Salon Accessories, serving upstate New York; Thomassen Beauty, serving western Florida; and Flamingo Beauty Supply, covering southern Florida. These distributors join Champion Beauty Supply, European Image Salon Suppliers, Sweis, Inc. and Hinojosa Beauty Supply and Salon Equipment.

“We are very excited about how our distribution is shaping up,” says Dev Rice, Vice President for InStyler Professional. “Our goal is to partner with regional distributors who really understand our brand and how truly unique it is. So far, we’re right on track!”

For distribution opportunities, contact Jay Halaby + Associates at 800/651-2106.

Brianna Keefe


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