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Salon owners should always think big, even when working with a small space. Gamma & Bross Art Director Anton Kobrinetz suggests creating a unique concept for the salon and carrying that throughout the products, services and design. "Smaller salons can be specialized and can often communicate a more intimate or personalized environment," he says. He cites men's salons, color-only salons and single-chair VIP salons as examples. Here are Kobrinetz's tips for making the most out of your space.

 Kobrinetz made a small space seem airy at the Vogue Vision Hair Studio in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Kobrinetz made a small space seem airy at the Vogue Vision Hair Studio in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Develop a concept. "Specialize and be unique," Kobrinetz says. "It's best to invent or create a new experience to market your identity."

Let there be light. According to Kobrinetz, illuminated stations and displays will lighten the weight of the space and make it look larger.


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Use furniture with benefits. Gamma & Bross' new Teknowash multisensory shampoo station has electrical seating and shiatsu massage controls, an iPod sound system and a chromatherapy system. "The more you pamper the client, the more intimate the experience," Kobrinetz says.

Create optical illusions. Reflective and white surfaces increase the perception of space, as do large workstation mirrors. "However," warns Kobrinetz, "it's important not to overdo the mirrored surfaces."

Keep it clean. Avoid clutter and exposed equipment, and use wall storage systems. —L.M.


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