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In a salon setting, the word "acrylic" is most commonly associated with manicures, but this hard-as-nails plastic has many uses in salon design as well. "The applications of acrylic products can really run the gamut," says Dan Rustin, marketing manager of New Jersey-based Acrilex, a leading producer and distributor of high-end, custom-colored acrylics. "Acrilex can be used to create signs, furniture, display units and various decorative elements. It can also be used in light fixtures, and because it's weather-resistant and easy to paint on, it's also ideal for exterior signs." The company's Acriglas Clear Impressions line is designed to reproduce the look of upscale tempered glass, but, according to Rustin, it's lighter, 40 times more impact-resistant and easier to fabricate, making it a less expensive and more efficient alternative. Because Acrilex can be heated and molded into almost any shape, it's extremely versatile. The completely customizable Acrilex panels can be designed in different colors, patterns, finishes and thicknesses to match the salon's wants and needs. "We work with the designers to help guide them," says Rustin, who notes that the panels can be made chemical-resistant, which is ideal for a salon setting. Another benefit? Acrilex doesn't shatter like tempered glass, so it can be easily repaired if it cracks. For more information about Acriglas Clear Impressions or Acrilex, call 800/222-4680 or visit —L.M.

New additions to the Acriglas Clear Impressions line
New additions to the Acriglas Clear Impressions line

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