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If you've ever had clients love their haircolor in the salon, then call to complain once they've left, you may want to check your lighting. "A qualified color department is only as good as its lighting," says Blair Hopper, president and CEO of Freestyle Systems. According to Hopper, most salons have incandescent and halogen lights, which emit infrared radiation and can make skin and hair color look red (not to mention making the workspace very hot). This can cause colorists to alter their formulations based on the hue emitted by bad lighting. But, as many unhappy clients know, what looks good in the salon can look very different outside. Freestyle Systems' SpectraLights use the first light-emitting diode (LED) lights engineered for the salon industry. The result is a very natural light that closely emulates outdoor conditions. "For perfect color calibration, natural light with a spectrum close to the sun is the only way to ensure that both the stylists and the clients can see their true color," Hopper explains. SpectraLights also claim to be the most eco-friendly lights on the market, saving salons up to 85 percent in energy cost and lasting up to 25 years. For more information, visit —L.M.


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 SpectraLights at Salon Beck in Cincinnati
SpectraLights at Salon Beck in Cincinnati