Intelligent Design

As the saying goes, appearance is everything, and that's especially important in a salon setting. An organized workstation, for example, is not only more visually appealing to those sitting in the chairs, but it can also help stylists perform their best work. "It makes the job easier if you know where things are and don't have to spend time searching for your brushes or products," says Jason DeSantis, regional manager for Takara Belmont's New York City showroom. "If your salon is organized, it will give a more professional appearance that leads clients to think your services will be just as neat and precise." DeSantis gives us his tips for eliminating workstation clutter.

Tangles of Evans in Evans, GA
Tangles of Evans in Evans, GA

Be prepared. "Know what services each client is getting so you can have everything ready in advance," he says. "You should only keep out the products that you'll need for that particular client."

Design to fit. If you're starting from scratch, DeSantis stresses how important it is to consult with your designers. "Stations can be customized based on the salon's needs and wants, ensuring that you have the proper amount of storage," he says. Whether it's a certain number of drawers or shelves—or even deep mirrors with storage space—it's essential to know both your space and what you require.

Use alternative storage solutions. If brand-new stations aren't in the budget, DeSantis suggests purchasing some inexpensive work carts to help stylists stay organized. Also, store nonessential items in closets and basements to cut down on unnecessary clutter.

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