Into the Mystic

Charlie Brackney takes inspiration from the innate spiritual power of women in his newest collection.

Inspired by the Spiritualist movement of the late 1800s, the Conjure collection by Charlie Brackney, owner of Haus Salon in Minneapolis, features dark and romantic imagery that straddles the line between this world and the otherworld. “The goal of these images is to encourage women to strive for greatness, channeling their inner strength and power to achieve whatever they desire most,” says Toni Wells, Number 4 High Performance Hair Care brand director. “Charlie is a true creative visionary, and we are proud to collaborate with him and support his work.” Brackney, a Number 4 High Performance Hair Care ambassador, along with wardrobe stylist Sarah Cochran, says they chose Alexander McQueen garments for the models because he wanted to pay homage to the designer and “perhaps conjure his spirit when designing this collection.” —Nicole Altavilla >

Photography: Matt Whitcomb; Makeup: Heath Bryant; Fashion Styling: Sarah Cochran


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