Ivan Zoot Gives A Lesson on Changing Blades

Andis' Ivan Zoot, aka ClipperGuy, has posted a new video on his YouTube page that demonstrates how to change blades on trimmers and both detachable and adjustable blade clippers without damaging the tools. Some takeaway advice from the video:

  • For detachable blade clippers, only put a blade on the clipper when the clipper is on because unless the clippers are running when snapping on the new blade, the blade and the drive pin may not line up properly, which would damage the drive pin and weaken the power of the motor.
  • With adjustable blade clippers, Zoot points out that clippers must be unplugged when changing the blade. He emphasizes the importance of “walking the screws,” a technique for reinserting screws to ensure the tools will cut evenly.
  • For successful blade changes, always work on a clean surface. Changing blades involves removing small screws, which can be misplaced easily. “I like to work over a towel,” says Zoot. “Things can fall on the towel. They don’t get lost or misplaced.”

Check out the entire video for step-by-step instructions and other tips.