J&D Beauty Releases New Line of Tweezers

J&D Beauty recently launched Diva Tweeze, a new collection of tweezers that features 12 different characters to match every woman’s unique style. Each tweezer is made with surgical grade steel tips and precisely aligned to grab the tiniest hairs. Which diva are you? Choose from the following playful personas:
Bianca – The beautiful and sassy diva
Raquel - The Latin heartthrob with a flower in her hair
Layla - The blonde bombshell with beautiful blue eyes and rosy cheeks
Eve - The retro diva sporting a ‘70s-inspired outfit
Isabella - The brunette babe with long hair and striking brown eyes
Amber - The bohemian chic beauty in a trendy fedora
Natasha - The sultry diva with wavy blonde hair and flirty outfit
Jade - The beach diva decked out in a polka dot bikini
Monique - The trendy diva with a beautiful pink mini-skirt
Davonte - The decadent diva with a long Diana Ross-inspired evening gown
Sierra -The Amazon diva with long legs and beautiful curly hair
Jayla - The hip diva with a purple streak in her hair
J&D Beauty is a leading supplier of high quality personal care tools for salon professionals. For more information, visit divatweeze.com or jdbeauty,com.

—Nancy Lee


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